Wednesday, 07 September 2016 23:01

Your Pension Fund Office and COVID-19

March 16, 2020 


Given the events of the last month reference COVID-19 your Pension Fund office has taken steps to ensure it stays running for our active and retired members.  Below is an update on what we are doing and how we are preparing for anything that happens.  First and foremost, your staff is fine and operations are running as normal.  

We have set up secure access for your staff to work from home in order to accomplish their job if need be.  This assures that no member goes without being paid.  It also allows us to handle our work load and monitor investments. 

Working from home is for the worst-case scenario.  For our current situation, staff has been advised to allow access to only those persons necessary for operations.  Benefit Specialists will not be taking appointments but will be handling all services over the phone, email, and thru DocuSign.  This will mean there will be no access to the facility by any member.  Allowing members to handle items virtually which normally required personal contact will hopefully expedite the process so they can stay on the front lines where they are needed.  

Staff have been advised to stay home if feeling ill and wash their hands every time they enter the building.  They will use the phone or intercom as much as possible with each other as well.  We will also be sanitizing door handles and items after work hours.  

Thank you for your service and understanding if there is not a staff member you can meet in person during these times.  As soon as normal business can resume, we will advise.  Stay safe out there and your staff will keep your Fund safe. 


Thank you, 


Tyler Grossman
Executive Director
El Paso Firemen & Policemen’s Pension Fund