About the El Paso Firemen & Policemen's Pension Fund

Mission Statement

To preserve the promise of benefits for members and beneficiaries of the El Paso Firemen & Policemen's Pension Fund. As leaders in the provision of retirement benefits, we ensure financial security through sound investment decisions. Our service and dedication to our members and our community is unparalleled.

The El Paso Firemen & Policemen’s Pension Fund (“The Plan”) was created in May 1920.  It is established and maintained pursuant to Article 6243(b), Vernon’s Annotated Texas Statute. It is divided into two divisions, a Policemen’s Fund and a Firemen’s Fund, both managed by a common Board of Trustees and administrative staff. The statute charges the Board of Trustees with the Plan’s administration, and is comprised of 11 members. Composition of the Board is mandated by Texas statute which states that three will be firefighters (elected by fire membership), three police officers (elected by police membership), three appointed by the Mayor of El Paso, and two appointed by the City Manager of El Paso.  

These men and women volunteer many hours of their own time in service for the Fund and are not compensated for their time. 

The Fund is a single employer defined benefit plan under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.  It provides retirement, survivor, and disability benefits to the uniformed public safety employees of the City of El Paso. Benefits are determined based on a member’s years of covered service, average salary, and a multiplier percentage.