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Summary Plan Provisions - Second-Tier Plan




automatic and mandatory upon appointment and enrollment as a firefighter or as a police officer of the City of El Paso


automatic payroll deduction of 15.28% of wages for firefighters


automatic payroll deduction of 13.89% of wages for police officers

Service Retirement

upon the completion of 25 or more years of Vesting Service and age 50 or more

Disability Retirement

incapacitating disability as determined by the Board

Deferred Retirement

upon completion of 10 years but less than 25 of Vesting Service and age 50 or more

Refund of Contributions

former member with five or more years of Vesting Service may be refunded previous employee contributions and forfeit rights to a pension benefit

Credited Service

period of time during which a Member contributes to the Fund

Vesting Service

generally means the period of Credited Service plus qualified military and other service under the plan

Optional Program
Back Deferred Retirement Option Program (Back DROP)


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